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At Streetcar we use authentic Louisiana ingredients to bring out the best in authentic, Louisiana recipes. Ingredients are sourced with the utmost care. A majority of which are straight from Louisiana. We also use the highest quality purveyor, Mary’s Free Range Air Chilled Chicken and have it delivered 6 days per week. We do not freeze our birds so you can enjoy the very best.

The recipes you enjoy at Streetcar are 2 parts authentic Louisiana and 1 part innovation. Well, except for the doughnuts – 100% inventiveness on these sweet brioche doughnuts! At Streetcar Merchants, we meticulously stock our kitchen to ensure freshness. We are bringing back home made!

Growing up in the kitchen, always surrounded by homemade Louisiana cooking…

With Big Mama at the kitchen helm, home eats were rich in flavor, fresh and of course always authentic. In Louisiana cooking the perfect ingredients are always the first step of any recipe and to this day, we’ve carried that principle forward to honor the history and origin of these family recipes.

Coming to San Diego there is nothing missed more than the kitchen back home and all the comforts of slow cooked, authentic Louisiana cooking so we are bringing the best of Louisiana tradition and taste to North Park & La Jolla.

We welcome you to slow down and enjoy your meal in shop. When you order, your wait time is about 20 minutes because we cook your chicken right after you place your order for the most fresh, hot Fried Chicken. Take a moment to leisurely enjoy an afternoon with friends while you wait. Try a cup of Premium Coffee and enjoy people watching at both of our popular spots in San Diego’s popular North Park and La Jolla neighborhoods.

We welcome phone calls for dine in or pick up. You can also order from us via several delivery websites. We are happy to accommodate.